Help the oppressed is a very young foundation with very limited resources. So in choosing its beneficiaries, the people involved in creating this project are moved to help others who are close to home.

We are individuals and families who have grown knowing that oppression in any form is WRONG and must not be practiced especially by religious or God-fearing people who use the name of religion to make its members follow unChristian behavior such as not caring for widows, orphans and the fatherless.

So we choose people who are homeless due to religious persecution, especially in third world countries where power and influence is easily abused, people who are persecuted and prosecuted (jailed or detained without due process of the law), and those who have absolutely no means to fend for and defend themselves, especially for standing up against religious and political bullying practices.

We also extend our assistance to those who are persecuted because they help expose these kinds of oppressive acts and help those maltreated and whose human rights are violated by providing them food, water, shelter and daily necessities, and with your valuable donation, we will be able to serve many more people worldwide. 

With our relentless efforts to further our reach so that more people will benefit, HELP THE OPPRESSED FOUNDATION works actively with FOODSTASH FOUNDATION with its tireless efforts to help secure food and basic necessities for people in need of support and assistance. Here are some of the organizations who benefitted from these endeavors